1) CONNECT (5 Ways to Wellbeing) – Changing the Culture of the NHS

Here is the first of a series of little video blogs about how we can change the culture of the NHS. The first cohort look at using the “5 Ways to Wellbeing” from the New Economics Forum to help us on our way. This vlog also gives a bit of an intro into the series, so is a little bit longer than the others which will follow.


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  • Tracy Kohl

    This is so relevant to Church leaders, Business leaders, Politicians as well as NHS leaders – and we love the stuff from Harvard Uni – Thanks for this Dr Andy Knox

  • Mark Richards

    Hi Andy,
    Came to this from your latest post. Not sure why I didn’t watch it when you first posted it. Love ‘No Screen Sunday’. The things you say are absolutely relevant to teaching too, both in the classroom and in the management of staff. Sadly, when I entered teaching it was a collegiate profession; headteachers were first among equals, and all opinions were sought and valued. These days a top down approach is not only the norm it’s virtually mandatory, due to the inspection regime and the target culture.
    Lot’s to ponder here.
    Incidentally, I don’t know whether anyone else experiences this, but I get the impression that you reply to comments here, but I can never see your replies. Odd.

    • Andy

      I totally agree with you
      Hierarchy kills our humanity….
      Do you get this reply?!

  • Mark Richards

    Again – I think you’ve replied, but I can’t read what you’ve said.