Health Spending in The North vs The South

A few months ago, I wrote a couple of blogs exploring the social justice issue that is the vast difference between the health spend in the North, compared to the South.


This week a graph was produced by HM Treasury to show how overall spending has changed across England since 2012. Here is the evidence:



So, in the North, we already have the worst health outcomes in England with an underspend of around £800m per year, per head of population, compared to the South. Yet, over the last 5 years we have seen further disinvestment here at a time when we’re also being asked to make substantial savings! Why the Northern MPs do not seem to think this is worth making much noise about, I’m not quite sure. This is an economic issue, a political issue, a social justice issue and a humanitarian issue. As I take the conversation to our public about the difficult choices ahead of us, here in Morecambe Bay and Lancashire over the coming months, I wonder what the response to this information might be?



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  • John Carlisle

    Because the Labour MPs, for example, where I am. with the exceptions of Paul and Louise are asleep at the wheel – just like the Labour councillors. We may be red across the map of South Yorkshire, but we sure as hell are not Labour.
    I have yet to hear an MP provide a strategy for stopping the destruction of NHS – not in the local news, not at our demos, and not on the radio of tv. They are the equivalent of those who believed Hitler was not a threat, and, believe me, for the civilian population of England, Hunt is doing more damage than Hitler ever did.
    We need to vote the lot of them out and put in some young people or a bunch of independents, because this lot are useless.

    • Andy

      We need an altogether new kind of politics….