COVID19 Advice for TEACHERS and TAs!

We’ve had loads of questions in the last few days from many of our brilliant teachers and TAs around COVID19 and how they can stay safe whilst they remain in school, looking after the children of ‘Key Workers’. I am SO grateful for everything that is being done – here is some advice that I hope is helpful! As with ANY of my videos and due to the changing nature of evidence, as we learn more….if anything changes, I will post an update. If that happens I will delete this video and do another on. The evidence is a bit conflicting currently. This video is based on evidence from the World Health Organisation:

Page 2 of WHO report: Children are important drivers of influenza virus transmission in the community. For COVID-19 virus, initial data indicates that children are less affected than adults and that clinical attack rates in the 0-19 age group are low. Further preliminary data from household transmission studies in China suggest that children are infected from adults, rather than vice versa.

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