The Black Swan Podcast

I’m super excited to announce the launch of a new podcast: “Black Swan Podcast”


Until 1791, people in the UK assumed all swans were white. Then a black swan was brought to these shores and so perspectives and previously held beliefs and opinions had to change. Sometimes anomalies cause us to stop and think and change our mind, or shift our thinking about something. Our current political and economics systems are not socially just for humanity and are incapable of giving us a future that is sustainable for the planet. This podcast explores anomalous examples of where other possibilities are emerging, which challenge our long held ideologies and allows us to open our eyes and reimagine an altogether different future, based on self-giving, others-empowering love, kindness and positive peace.


So, initially by talking with people around this amazing area of Morecambe Bay, and then looking further afield, gathering stories of some beautiful people about their lives and work, I’m looking to stir up more hope and add to the growing tapestry that is emerging of the kind of future that will be good for future generations. I’m still learning how to do this and the quality will improve as time goes on (!) – but welcome to the journey – subscribe for free and be encouraged and challenged as we all learn to see things in new ways.


You can listen through most podcast browsers, except google play, which isn’t available in the UK yet for uploading. The RSS feed and the iTunes link are below.

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