Healthy Conversations

We live in a political climate in which it appears that those in power do not listen to the voices of the ‘multitude’ (e.g. with the current protests around the NHS and education), but press ahead with their own agendas regardless. This is not only true of the current government, but a symptom of the way in which our entire political systems are set up. Here in Morecambe Bay, we need to recover the power of people movements and decide together what kind of future we want. Here is an invitation to come and be part of the emerging conversations about health, well-being and the health system around the Bay.


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  • Mark Richards

    Great invite Andy. Where will we find dates, times and locations?

    • Andy

      Dates, times and locations will be advertised through various GP surgery newsletters, parish newsletters (if our team manages to meet the strict deadlines!) and on the Bay radio! Thanks!